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Dry-Wall Profile Systems E.N.14195

Duro-Steel™ Dry-wall Partition Profile Systems

Duro-Steel™ profiles are an innovation by Security Aluminum Hellas SA in dry-wall systems and the ultimate solution for dry-wall ceiling and partition constructions using plasterboards or cement boards.

Duro-Steel™ profiles are made of high quality galvanized steel and are characterized for their technical supremacy and they stand out for the construction development of their mechanical qualities.
Additionally, they are visually different due to their innovative design and carry registered patent certificates, industrial designs and trademarks.

Excellent Quality Specifications

Duro-Steel™ profiles have excellent quality specifications since they are continuously controlled by our company's ISO 9001 certified quality system we hold from E.Q.A. (European Quality Assurance).

Additionally, our company produces dry-wall profiles according to DIN 18182/T1 standard since it is certified by TÜV Austria Hellas and according to EN 14195 standard of the European Standardization Commission.

Dry-Wall Profile Systems E.N. 14195

Duro-Steel™ Partition Systems


Runner Track Profile UW  Duro-Steel™ Partition Systems
Track Profile UW  Duro-Steel™ Partition Systems
Runner Profile UW  Duro-Steel™ Partition Systems
A B1
Runner UW 50x30/3000mm 50 30
Runner UW 75x30/3000mm 70 30
Runner UW 50x40/3000mm 50 40
Runner UW 75x40/3000mm 70 40
Runner UW 100x30/3000mm 100 30
Runner UW 100x40/3000mm 100 40


Stud Profile CW  Duro-Steel™ Partition Systems DURO-STEEL™
Stud Profile CW DURO-STEEL™ Partition Systems
Stud Profile CW Partition Systems DURO-STEEL™
A B1 B2
Stud Profile CW 50x35/3000mm 49 34 37
Stud Profile CW 75x36/3000mm 74 34 37
Stud Profile CW 50x50/3000mm 49 47 50
Stud Profile CW 75x50/3000mm 74 47 50
Stud Profile CW 100x35/3000mm 99 34 37
Stud Profile CW 100x50/3000mm 99 47 50